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French Language immersion


Learn French in a warm, friendly atmosphere, practice conversation skills
over lunch, speak French while you meet members of the local community
or as you visit points of interest, that’s what we offer to share with you
for an unforgettable language and cultural stay in the South of France!
French Language Immersion
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French in action
Nature & Well-being


Want to improve your French skills in tandem with your favorite activity?
French in action : "French and Nature - Well-being”
“Treat your planet well” and “treat yourself well” are important concepts for you?
For us too! Top quality courses paired with the activities that interest you most.

French in ACTION
Nature & Well-being

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French in action
Food lovers and gastronomy


Want to improve your French skills in tandem with your favorite activity?
French in action : "For food lovers / Gastronomy”
is just perfect for you, if you want to learn french cooking and learning
about french gastronomy and food culture !
Top quality courses paired with the activities that interest you most.
French in action
For food lovers / Gastronomy
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French for professionals


Is French indispensable for your career?
I.F.O. is the only French language school in Montpellier that offers courses
100% devoted to the needs of professionals.
Take advantage of our international business experience!
Whether you are an individual learner or members of the same business team,
we will personalize your program to respond to your specific requests and needs in
your area of professional expertise.
French for professionals

“Coronavirus Latest”

Due to Covid 19 uncertainty, all future bookings will benefit from new cancellation conditions. Therefore don’t hesitate to book your course for Spring and Summer, you will get a 100% refund of your deposit if you cancel at least 7 days before your stay. We hope to see you soon.

Until then, take care & stay safe.

Learn french in the south of France, in Montpellier


Institut Français d’Occitanie offers quality French language courses for adults, adapted to your learning goals and personal needs, for solo learners or groups.  


Institut Français d’Occitanie is The French language school on a human-scale in the heart of Montpellier


With Institut Français d’Occitanie, live France and share our authentic French lifestyle in the South of France.

Institut Français d'Occitanie, a different kind of French language school:

  • Quality French courses on a human-scale with a warm, friendly atmosphere right in the heart of Montpellier.  
  • French courses exclusively for adults, according to your personal or professional objectives.
  • Courses based on your interests:  culture, nature, well-being, gastronomy, professional needs (solo learners and groups).
  • An incomparable experience in contact with the French, daily contact that will allow you to progress in French in a short time but also live France, meeting local artisans, shopkeepers and a variety of members of the Montpellier community!
  • Available for you : We are here to teach you French but also to guide, help and advise you throughout your language stay.  

Discover Institut Français d'Occitanie courses & programs

French language immersive montpellier

French language immersion

Learn French with a friendly atmosphere and

discover the city of Montpellier with her people.

learn french and french gastronomy

French in Action

Gastronomy or Nature &Wellness

Learn French practicing your favourite activity !

french for business, for professionals

French for professionnals

the only french school in Montpellier

with a 100% professional content.

Institut Français d'Occitanie, the best way to learn french in the South of France.

Montpellier, the “must see” city in the Occitanie region

In Montpellier, we have not forgotten our authentic South of France lifestyle.  Come share an extraordinary French cultural experience with us in a city built to human-scale.  You will easily be able to practice your French after class during our organized activities, visits and excursions or simply on your own.  Protected heritage sites and monuments, winding medieval streets, cafés, boutiques, restaurants, art, music, history . . . Montpellier offers cultural activities and tourist attractions for all tastes and interests.  And we will be there to help you take part in all of them or to share our favorite addresses and deals so that you discover all our city has to offer like a real resident.

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