#2 Ordering a “petit-déjeuner” glossary

Café Riche, Montpellier

Institut Français d’Occitanie is more than happy to re-launch its Montpellier discovery video + every day situations glossary

As you know France is famous for its numerous restaurants and cafés, where people like to sit and talk (sometimes during hours) while eating / drinking.

Montpellier is no different to this French tradition, also because its charming squares provide perfect spots for enjoyable terraces.

Established in 1893, Le Café Riche is based on Montpellier’s most famous square la Place de la Comédie.

It really is an institution in our city.

Open from 7am to 1am, whether it be for breakfast or lunch, or even for the eraly evening apéritif, “Le Riche” as we call it is here to welcome you in its traditional 19th century building.

Ordering a café & croissants

This video will give you a glance of the vocabulary you will need to order at a French café, we hope you’ll like it.

Please feel free to download our Ordering at a French café glossary.

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