A professional French course


At what level can we start professional French? It is not appropriate to start professional French at the beginner level. In fact, it is first necessary to acquire the basics of the language, the pronunciation, the conjugation of simple times, the vocabulary of everyday life. It takes approximately 60 hours to acquire this Elementary Level 1 (level […]

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Montpellier beach

Summer in the South of France in Montpellier

It’s gone and well gone, summer has settled in our beautiful city. It is hot, it is true, but thanks to all our green spaces the city remains very nice: the garden of plants, the esplanade Charles de Gaulle, the Jardin du Peyrou but also all the parks of neighborhoods open to all, all day […]

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Market of south of France Montpellier

Learn French through cooking in Institut Français d’Occitanie

Learn French through cooking in Institut Français d’Occitanie Cooking is the ultimate theme for learning a language and especially for learning French. Because, yes, it’s true, in France, we love to cook, eat, drink and this is especially true in the South of France. 1. See, feel, touch to memorize vocabulary Discover the cuisine of […]

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Bistrot français french scool montpellier IFO friendly atmosphere

Welcome to Institut Français d’Occitanie

Welcome to IFO : learn french in the South of France, in Montpellier  IFO is a school of French which wishes to welcome two types of public: Tourists who come to visit the South of France and who want at the same time progress in French language. Professionals who need to master French to communicate […]

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