Climate change, taking strides in the Occitanie region!

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Discover local eco-responsible projects

The Institut Français d’Occitanie is above all a school of French, but that does not prevent us from having convictions and our dearest wish is to share them with our customers. The environment and its protection are at the heart of our concerns and that is why we offer our module “Nature and well-being” whose content allows you to progress in French and acquire vocabulary in the area of eco-responsiblity. Eco-responsible projects are numerous in the South of France and particularly in Occitanie. It will be our pleasure to speak with you about and to introduce you to the people moving these projects forward.

Train, tram, bike, and one of the biggest city centre pedestrian areas in Europe

In Occitanie, we are committed to environmentally responsible transportation! A good train network criss-crosses the region and provides access to major cities while limiting its carbon footprint. From Montpellier, you can visit by train Avignon, Arles, Nîmes, Bézier or Toulouse « la ville rose » … The city of Montpellier also offers its residents a bike rental service and many bike paths that will take you to the sea. The tram, with its 4 lines, covers the majority of the neighbourhoods of our beautiful city and thus makes the visit pleasant.

Occitanie is also the number one organic farming region in France! More than a quarter of Occitanie’s farms are organic. Many young people are turning to this type of agriculture, taking over old farms and converting to organic farming. It’s easy to eat healthy and in a responsible way in Montpellier.

Let us all share what we value

The region and its inhabitants are also keen to protect their natural treasures and biodiversity. At the crossroads of several bioclimatic influences (Mediterranean, continental and alpine), Occitanie is the first region of France for its biodiversity. This preserved environment makes it possible to offer visitors nature stays that respect the values of responsible tourism.

The preservation of our environment is a subject that affects us all, wherever we live on the planet! At the Institute Français d’Occitanie, we wanted to build a course on this theme to help you progress in French but also to have the pleasure of exchanging with other citizens of the world and to share the positive things happening in our region.

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