French in action  

Want to improve your French skills in tandem with your favorite activity?  Choose between our “French and Nature – Well-being” or “French for Food Lovers / Gastronomy” programs.  Top quality courses paired with the activities that interest you most.


Duration  1 week
Number of persons  From 3 to 6 by group
Levels Level 1 : A1/A2 of CECRL

Level 2 : B1/B2 of CECRL

French for food & gastronomy lovers program

Learning another language also means discovering another culture.   How better to discover French culture than through its gastronomy, recognized in 2010 by UNESCO as belonging to the world’s intangible cultural heritage.  

That’s why we offer a French course devoted to gastronomy that will allow you to progress in French while exploring the culinary richness of our regions and terroirs.  

Your morning classes  will cover the vocabulary and grammar needed to understand the recipes for French culinary specialties, to talk about ingredients used, tastes and cooking methods but also to exchange in French about your own native gastronomy.  At IFO, we enjoy intercultural exchanges!

Wine and French regional products will also provide an opportunity to take a look at the professions of men and women who work with this : farmers, market gardeners, cooks, pastry chefs, restaurant owners . . . 

During the afternoon, we are the only French language school in Montpellier who gives you the opportunity to get into the act and practice the art of the pastry chef!  You will work with Anaïs, pastry chef and French teacher, in 3 hour sessions dedicated to baking cakes and pastries that you will then be able to sample together. You’ll leave with recipes in hand and the techniques you’ll need to rival the best pastry chef. . .  

Nature and well-being program

“Treat your planet well” and “treat yourself well” are important concepts for you? For us too! IFO will allow you to improve your French while enjoying the themes and activities that interest you most.   

In your morning French classes, you’ll progress in oral and written skills while working with material addressing themes like the environment, agro-ecology and sports.  Debates, discussions and games will help you to feel more at ease as you interact with the French people you’ll meet.

In the afternoon, we offer outdoor sports, walks or wellness activities with our partner WISUD.

To know more about the Wisud activities let’s check below and visit : www.wisud.com

Contact: david@wisud.com. 

Hiking, far from it all

You will discover the incredible devil’s canyon, its red earth, its valleys and its small rivers…

20 euros / half day

A discovery walk

You will discover one of the 5 major sites of the Hérault. The Salagou valley and its lake will reveal to you their sumptuous landscapes…
20 euros / half day

Nature and wine getaways

Take advantage of a walk in the countryside among olive groves to discover a wine estate where you will enjoy tasting  exceptional wines…. 
30 euros / half day

Electric longboard ride

Discover the banks of Montpellier’s Lez river with our one-of-a-kind  longboard outing….

50 euros / half day

Wutao Outing at Clamouse Cave

After a guided tour of the cave, you will enjoy a Wutao session in the most beautiful room of the Clamouse cave.
42 euros / half day

Via Ferrata of Saint Sériés, a vertical hike

The Via Ferrata is accessible to all. Do you like to walk in nature? Comfortable with a little height? Without a doubt, this activity is for you !!
48 euros / half day

French in action
/ week
*From 230€*/week depending on options
Free registration fees


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