#1 French local market glossary

Market of south of France Montpellier

Institut Français d’Occitanie is happy to launch its series to help discover Montpellier and nearabouts

“The traditional French farmers” market is a ‘must-see’. What people like about the market is that local farmers sell their products directly to customers.

Many people are aware about organic farming and fair trade. They want to buy more consciously and responsibly.

One of this region’s advantages is that it not only has fruit and vegetables but also seafood.

Twice a week, local producers (90% of them are) come under the majestic “aqueduc” – a more than 40 yards tall monument which used to provide the city with water – to sell to enthusiastic citizens.

Fruits and vegetables of course, but also seafood, delicatessen, honey, bread, and of course all varieties of cheese. Just walk around, take a look. Asking to taste is permitted.

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