Summer in the South of France in Montpellier

Montpellier beach

It’s gone and well gone, summer has settled in our beautiful city.

It is hot, it is true, but thanks to all our green spaces the city remains very nice: the garden of plants, the esplanade Charles de Gaulle, the Jardin du Peyrou but also all the parks of neighborhoods open to all, all day long and often late in the evening. You rest, play music, exchange…

A French start-up Kermap, launched a website to assess and compare the proportion of wooded vegetation in French cities and Montpellier came first in the category of cities with more than 200,000 inhabitants just ahead of Toulouse and Nimes!

And then there are our Mediterranean beaches!In Languedoc-Roussillon, they are numerous and spacious, a light breeze helps to support the small walk that must be planned to leave your umbrella and reach the beautiful blue that stretches out our arms. This week about 28° on the beach and 26° in the water!

Beautiful season also for nature lovers, you will have a hard time choosing among the 39 great sites of Occitania. Close to Montpellier, you can hike in the gorges of the Hérault, the circus of Navacelles, the Camargue or the national park of the Cévennes.

If you come to Montpellier to learn French,

Classes are usually held in the morning, this will allow you to enjoy the beach in the afternoon. But if you are a culture rather than a lazy one, the exhibition areas are open all day (Tuesday to Sunday) and allow you to spend the warm hours of the afternoon at an acceptable temperature.

Small medieval streets of the historical center, two steps from which is located the French Institute of Occitanie, inner courtyards of the Private Mansions, shaded terraces on the many squares of the city are also our haven of freshness of the summer season.

In the South of France when summer comes, we take out the petanque balls and we take the aperitif (aperitif), the most attached to traditions take a pastis (anise alcohol) but we also dare some light wines from the South of France, it is the season of the very fresh “rosé” with some olives …

In summer, the days don’t stop stretching, Montpellier goes to bed late and lights up with a thousand lights! Take the tram line 4 and discover the city’s heritage from another angle: the Barbote tower, the boulevard du jeu de Paume and the arc de triomphe…

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