Learn French through cooking in Institut Français d’Occitanie

Market of south of France Montpellier

Learn French through cooking in Institut Français d’Occitanie

Cooking is the ultimate theme for learning a language and especially for learning French. Because, yes, it’s true, in France, we love to cook, eat, drink and this is especially true in the South of France.

1. See, feel, touch to memorize vocabulary

Discover the cuisine of Occitanie, motivate you to learn all the vocabulary necessary to understand the preparation of our specialties. And the best way to memorize this lexicon is to go shopping at the market. Right next to our school, in Les Arceaux district, every Tuesday and every Saturday morning, you will be able to visit the market. It is a market that brings together many producers in the Occitanie region and you can discover the typical products of the South of France.

We are at the edge of the Mediterranean, so you can see the oyster farmers who come to sell oysters and mussels. It is even possible to taste on site with a small glass of white wine from the region, a Pic Saint Loup for example!

Market gardeners (vegetable producers) offer a wide variety of very different products depending on the season. In the South of France, we talk easily and with pleasure, they will answer your questions and they will explain how to cook them. If you choose to come to the IFO to follow our “gourmet module”, Anaïs your teacher, will accompany you to the market to choose with you the seasonal fruits that will be used in the afternoon to make delicious pies: strawberries, raspberries, cherries , apricots or peaches in spring and summer, Cevennes apples, pears, nuts in autumn and winter ….

2. Practice cooking, learn in action

When we are in action, when we have a concrete and practical goal to make a cake, our intellect is much more powerful: “Pass me the ladle! »,« Be careful your oven is too hot! “These words, these grammatical structures are going to be understood more easily and as the need to speak is real (unlike a role play in a classroom), progress will be much faster.

In a kitchen, there are many interactions between the various people present, so it’s also all the little phrases of the current conversation that will feed the exchanges and make you more comfortable to express yourself orally: “I am tired! “It’s hot next to the oven! “, ” I like chocolate ! “.

Oral is not the only skill worked. Indeed, any culinary preparation begins with the understanding of the recipe. And here too this understanding will be motivated by the need to act. With the help of Anaïs you will discover the lexicon of utensils, the expression of quantity, the verbal forms used to give advice and instructions.

Everything you have learned in the course of courses and pastry workshops, will also give you the keys to, in the evening, choose from the small restaurants of the historic center or the seaside … You will be able to place an order while chatting with the server of the proposed menu.

So, choosing to learn French in a French language school makes learning faster and easier. A French course that also develops your cooking skills while discovering the warm culture of the South of France is guaranteed progress and unforgettable memories!

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