Professionnal French and French on specific objective

A professional French course

At what level can we start professional French?

It is not appropriate to start professional French at the beginner level. In fact, it is first necessary to acquire the basics of the language, the pronunciation, the conjugation of simple times, the vocabulary of everyday life. It takes approximately 60 hours to acquire this Elementary Level 1 (level A1 CEFR ). Starting at elementary level 2, professional French can be taught but it will be necessary to wait for intermediate level 1 to be able to start working in a francophone environment (about 300 hours of training).

What is Professional French?

With a professional French course, you will learn to express yourself in the most common situations of a job in a company.This is what we offer to the IFO in our general professional French modules. For example, you will learn how to introduce yourself professionally, communicate by phone, write an email or attend a meeting.

Vocabulary and grammar will be discussed in context and will be limited to the needs of the work situations discussed in the course. Simulations will then allow to acquire ease and to overcome the stress of speaking in a foreign language.

What is the difference between Professional French and Specific Objectives French?

Whether professional French provides the basic skills to be able to find a job in a French company or to become a resource person in your non-francophone company (the one we ask to deal with foreign clients), some professional areas are more specific and require specific learning.

In a French module on Specific Objectives, such as the IFO’s custom modules, you will learn to communicate in French in situations specific to your profession. For example, if you work in the hotel and restaurant industry, learning the polite formulas or the description of the culinary specialties of your region are indispensable! If you work in aviation, you must learn a vocabulary specific to aviation, which you will not find in any general professional French course.
The Institut Français d’Occitanie has the experience and skills to build training in French adapted to your needs and level. Together we can design the module that will allow your company to communicate  effectively internationally…

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