Saintes Marie de la mer

Saintes marie de la mer south of france

Do you know the Camargue region? Located about an hour from Montpellier, this wild and natural region is famous for its bred horses, its bulls and a multitude of bird species that migrate each year in its territory (flamingos, mallard ducks, herons …).

At the heart of the Camargue nestles the charming village of Saintes Maries de la mer,  built at the mouth of the Rhone and famous for its church, site of a yearly pilgrimage for the Gitan peoples  who come every year from all over Europe to celebrate their saint, Sara la Noire.

You will enjoy a gardianne (camarguaise specialty made from bull meat and red wine) in a small restaurant that you will discover on the corner of one of the paved streets of this charming village.

Finish the day with a walk along the dunes on foot or on horseback, enjoy a sunset by the sea, breathe the fresh air,  you are in the Camargue!